Join the Red Carpets!

devised for
Formations at Prague Quadrennial (PQ 2019)

6-16 June 2019

About the Red Carpet

Started as a solo project in 2016, The Red Carpet is an ongoing series of micro-performances with a red carpet, in the streets of Prague and other cities.
The rules are simple: the performer picks a spot in the public space and, by laying a red carpet onto the ground, claims a piece of land for themself. They then inhabit for a while the fragile private space thus created.
Through a minimalist setting, the Red Carpet micro-performances explore questions around territorial ownership, borders, and the boundaries between private and public space. Surrounded by various signs warning off trespassers, the performer inhabit the temporary, intimate space framed by the carpet - a bright red rectangle on the pavement - seemingly seeking and rejecting attention at the same time. The actions are simple, out of place, oddly intimate, often absurd...

In the context of Formations at PQ 2019, the Red Carpet(s) will be a collection of performative tableaux, inviting various performers to occupy a Red Carpet and contribute their own interpretation of the project.

Who can participate:
Anyone with an interest in performative experiments! To learn more please get in touch here.